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Nitrous oxide-oxygen-ether anaesthesia: No 3

Published 1944

A highly technical film for the anaesthetist, showing the apparatus designed to deliver continuous flow of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Ether is shown being added to the mixture of gases in various quantities. Diagrams are used throughout with short sequences of anaesthetised patients in between. The film is structured in parts, as follows Preparation of Apparatus (showing correct flow meters), Induction, Introduction of Oxygen, then Ether, Maintenance. 6 segments.

Run time 0:24:13
Producer Wellcome Library
Production Company Direction by Margaret Thomson, Photography by A.E. Jeakins, Diagrams W.M. Larkins & Co. Produced by Realist Film Unit. Made with the co-operation of the Department of Anaesthetics, Westminister Hospital, London.
Sponsor Westminister Hospital
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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